Joining the orchestra

March 2020: In response to the current outbreak of corona virus all orchestra activity has been suspended. There will be no rehearsals and no concerts until further notice.

Although the Southside Community Orchestra attracts a large proportion of its members from the senior population there is no age barrier and there are a number of younger adults who come along to the Monday afternoon rehearsals. There are no auditions and we don’t ask to see your certificates, but for musicians who are thinking of joining us it may be helpful for them to know that most players are Grade 4 standard or above and can sight read reasonably well.

Southside Community Orchestra rehearsal, Southside Community Centre, Edinburgh, November 11, 2019.

Orchestra rehearsals are friendly and full of good humour. Vaughan Townhill our conductor has very realistic expectations of our abilities and recognises that we may not play every technically difficult passage perfectly.

As with most amateur orchestras there are always vacancies for string and brass player, but limited vacancies in the woodwind section. Please contact us for updates. You can also send us a message by filling in the form below.